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Strength & Conditioning Mission Statement

The Saint Anselm College Strength and Conditioning Department strives to prepare student-athletes to meet the demands of their sports, compete at the highest levels, and establish healthy, life-long habits.

Strength & Conditioning Core Values

  1. Preparation - Seek to prepare student-athletes for the high demands of their sports. “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to level of our training.” - Archilochus
  2. Discipline - Provide the path by which student-athletes take towards success. “The way you do the small things is the way you do all things.”
  3. Culture - Constantly building on our accomplishments. “We don’t get comfortable with our success.” - Mark Parker, CEO Nike

Strength & Conditioning Program Principles

  1. Ground-based Movements - Athletes spend the overwhelming majority of time with their feet on the ground and we believe that the most productive movements follow that principle. The application of force into the ground is displayed by specific athletic movements (run, jump, change direction). The greater the force delivered, the greater the impact on movement.
  2. Tri-planar Competency - Movement is tri-planar (3-D) in nature. An athlete must be able to create, and more importantly resist forces front to back (sagittal), side to side, (frontal), and rotational (transverse) along a slow to fast velocity continuum.
  3. Multi-joint Movements - These movements are the most productive exercises for our athletes. Sport-specific movements require the integration of multiple joints and is thus, a training focus.
  4. Progressive Overload - A top goal is to cause effective, and long-lasting positive changes in an athlete’s anatomy, physiology, and psychology. This is done by applying stress in a uniform fashion and in a manner to which athletes are not accustomed. Progression includes, but is not limited to, changes in load, volume, frequency and complexity of movement.
  5. Energy System Development - Each sport has varying capacities and demands. It is critical to develop the three energy systems keeping in mind sport, positional, and individual specificity. Energy systems include ATP - PCR (up to 15 seconds of activity), Glycolytic (15 seconds to two minutes) and the oxidative system (longer than two minutes)
  6. Rate of Force Development – Sports require quick, explosive, and highly skilled movements. By emphasizing power and jump training, we enhance the ability to rapidly apply force with intent to improve sport skill.
  7. Relationship Development - We strive to be positive figures in the careers of our student-athletes in order to build strong, trusting relationships and enhance student-athletes’ self-confidence and sense of community.

Strength & Conditioning Staff

Rob Herrick

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Codi Fitzgerald

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Fitness Center Manager

National Strength & Conditioning Association All-Americans (since 2016)

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) issues All-America awards on a yearly basis. These are issued in recognition of a student-athlete's athletic accomplishments as well as their dedication to strength and conditioning. The list of Saint Anselm yearly winners reads as follows.

2016-17 Eric Mercer '18 (football) Amanda Bickford '18 (volleyball, softball)
2017-18 Anthony Busconi '19 (men's lacrosse) Shannon Colson '20 (softball)
2018-19 Sean Verrier '20 (men's ice hockey) Maggie Murphy '20 (softball)
2019-20 Joseph Hartigan '20 (men's lacrosse) McKenna Smith '22 (softball)

Work Study/Internship Opportunities

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