The Saint Anselm College Department of Athletics strives to strengthen the College’s brand identity within the New England region and beyond by providing a transformational experience for its NCAA Division II student-athletes.


The Saint Anselm College Department of Athletics is committed to preserving the dignity of all student-athletes. We seek to create a diverse and inclusive environment by offering each individual the opportunities and resources to achieve optimal success in and out of the classroom. Our mission reflects the College’s core Catholic Benedictine values of hospitality, stability, work, care, and community.

Our Athletics program maintains a culture that embraces all, and is not limited to age, race, sex, class, national origin, creed, educational background, religion, gender identity, disability, gender expression, geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation and work experiences. The Department of Athletics works to provide student-athletes with the tools and experiences to become active and effective leaders of the future.


Through robust recruitment and enrollment efforts as well as outreach to Anselmian alumni, the athletics department will serve as a connecting point for former, current and future students.

As athletics seeks to achieve stronger levels of competitive success, student-athletes will find balance by integrating their academic and athletic experiences in a manner consistent with the Benedictine core values upon which the College was founded.

The department’s objectives shall focus on academic integrity, compliance, fiscal strength, leadership, and sportsmanship. The College is committed to supporting equitable opportunities for all students and staff, including women and minorities.