Sports Medicine


Mission Statement

The Sports Medicine staff at Saint Anselm College will strive to provide every student-athlete with the most comprehensive, highest-quality individual sports medicine health care in a professional, efficient, compassionate and service-oriented manner.

By following the NCAA Best Practice Guidelines, we will develop a diversified program of prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation by our staff and will assure a positive and healthy recovery experience, an improved quality of life, a safe return to full athletic participation and continued athletic success.

A workplace that encourages and accepts a teamwork environment and has a supervisor who advocates for his or her employees, values personal time, and promotes a flexible, reasonable workload for each staff member is important for work-life balance.

Below you will find contact information for visiting teams in regards to athletic training and locker room facilities at Saint Anselm College.

Athletic Trainers:
Michael Sirois, MS, ATC, PES, Head Athletic Trainer (Golf, Men's Basketball and Softball)
Alyssa Van Patten, MS, ATC, ITAT, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Women's Ice Hockey and Women's Lacrosse)
Amber LeBlanc, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Field Hockey, Women's Tennis, Women's Basketball)
Zach Casinelli, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football, Men's Ice Hockey, Baseball)
TBA (Men's Lacrosse, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Volleyball)

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Phone Numbers:
Main Athletic Training Room: 603-641-7807
Main Athletic Training Room Fax Number: 603-222-4091
Hockey Arena Athletic Training Room: 603-222-4261
Hockey Arena Fax Number: 603-222-4060
Health Services: 603-641-7028

Team Physicians:
Dr. James Vailas, MD
Scott Evans, PA-C

Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, N.H. 603-668-3545
Elliot Hospital, Manchester, N.H. 603-669-5300

Official Medical Provider
of Saint Anselm Athletics


Forms and Information

NCAA List of Banned Substances
NCAA Drug Education and Testing
Sports Medicine Visiting Recruit Forms
Concussion Management Plan
Sickle Cell Fact Sheet
NCAA Cardiac Information
Mental Health Emergency Action Plan
Nutrition, Sleep and Performance Educational Resources


Sickle Cell Trait and the Student-Athlete Video
Concussions: Don't Hide It, Report It, Take Time to Recover
NCAA Concussion Awareness PSA
Mental Health Awareness

Visiting Team Guides

Welcome to Saint Anselm College
Football Welcome Letter
Ice Hockey Information

The main athletic training room is located in the basement of Stoutenburgh Gymnasium.

The ice hockey athletic training room is located in Sullivan Arena down the hall from the visitor's locker room.

All facilities are available two hours prior to every sporting contest. If your teams are traveling without an athletic trainer, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to their arrival. We will be happy to provide any services to them if they have a kit and note from an ATC or MD stating what services are needed. A physician will be present at all football and men's hockey games. EMS will be present at all home football contests and will be on call for all other events.

Cups will be provided for only the following sports: Football, men's & women's basketball and men's & women's tennis.

Please have your other teams bring their own water bottles or cups.

The following teams do not travel with an ATC, but they do travel with a stocked kit and water bottles. We would appreciate if you gave them the best care possible in our absence:

- Women's tennis
- Volleyball
- Men's & women's soccer
- Baseball
- Women's lacrosse
- Softball
- Men's & women's cross country
- Golf
- Field hockey

The following are Equipment/Supplies we offer during all home contests:

- Ice/bags
- Splints
- Therapeutic Modalities*
- Water
- Crutches

  • Therapeutic modalities are available for use by the visiting team's certified athletic trainer or by a Saint Anselm College ATC with written orders by an ATC or MD.

For football teams coming to Grappone Stadium:

  • Visitors’ Team Locker Room at Grappone Stadium
    • The locker room will be open for your use three hours before the start of the game.  If you need it opened prior to this time, please contact Associate Director of Athletics, Neil Duval at 603-641-7802.
    • There will be one (1) 10-gallon water cooler, a sleeve of cups and a seven-gallon injury ice cooler with ice bags just outside of the locker room.
    • Outside the locker room, there will be two (2) taping tables, along with one (1) treatment table for pre-game needs. 
    • This season, the visitor’s locker room is located on the north end of the stadium, closest to the baseball field. The visitor's sideline is located on the far side of the field, opposite the grandstand, press box and locker rooms.

**A member of the Sports Medicine Staff will come greet you once you have arrived at the stadium to address any needs of the day. We will give you a radio to talk back and forth with us on the other sideline. If you have any special requests, please call ahead.

  • Visitor’s Sideline and Bench Area
  • Four (4) 10-gallon water coolers
  • One (1) five-gallon injury ice cooler with ice bags
  • Two (2) eight-foot long tables for water coolers, and other equipment
  • One (1) treatment table

**Water will be checked and refilled, if needed, at halftime.  If you need more before halftime, call us on the radio.

  • The playing surface at Grappone Stadium was changed prior to the start of the 2011 season and is now a synthetic field turf surface.

Secure locker rooms will be provided to the following teams:

- Men's and Women's Basketball (Stoutenburgh Gym)
- Football (Grappone Stadium)
- Men's and Women's Hockey (Sullivan Arena)
- Volleyball (Stoutenburgh Gym)

All other visiting teams should use the general locker room facilities in the Carr Center for any pre/post games needs. These areas are not secure so all personal items should be taken to the competition site.

Additional needs or questions may be placed to:
Mike Sirois
Head Athletic Trainer